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As the name implies, the purpose of this list is to allow discussions between friends. We invite you to subscribe to this mailing list.

  1. How does it work?
  2. By joining, you place your name on a list of email addresses that receive any mail sent to: "friends4fun@marketrends.net".

    It's a bit like a bulletin board in the sense that mail sent to that address is "broadcast" by the receiving computer program. The advantage here is that people on different systems can communicate without having to all be on the same system, or having to maintain the list of email addresses themselves.

  3. How many people are on the list?

  4. There are currently - - people on the list.
    You can expect to receive about 10 to 50 notes per day.

  5. What do you talk about?
  6. Because readers will range from those just joining to those with many years of IRC, discussions here will cover a variety of subjects:
    • - Channel Topics
    • - Reunions
    • - Channel Issues
    • - Channel Conversations

  7. How Do I.....
    1. Join the list - send email
      • to: majordomo@marketrends.net
      • subject: (this doesn't matter)
      • Include only the following in the text of your message:
        SUBSCRIBE friends4fun
        Your Email Address
      That's all there is to it. You will receive a confirmation of success (or a message indicating there was a problem).

    2. Talk to the group - send email
      • to: friends4fun@marketrends.net
      If you choose to join us, please send a note saying hello so that others may welcome you.
      Please do not send mail to the list until you have subscribed.

    3. Remove myself from the list - send email
      • to: majordomo@marketrends.net
      • subject: (this doesn't matter)
      • Include only the following in the text of your message:
        UNSUBSCRIBE friends4fun
        Your Email Address

      The process is automatic. If successful, you will not receive a response.

      Because there are a large number of email messages being queued for delivery at any moment, you may receive a few messages after you have mailed in your request to unsubscribe. Please do not assume your request was unsuccessful because of this.

    4. Find out if I'm on the list - send email
      • to: majordomo@marketrends.net
      • subject: (this doesn't matter)
      • Include only the following in the text of your message:
        WHO friends4fun

      If you are on the list, you will receive a list of names. If you are not on the list, you will receive a message telling you that you cannot obtain the information you requested.

  8. List Administration Notes
  9. If mail from the list to your email address is returned as undeliverable, your address will be dropped from the list. (This is done to prevent a large volume of mail to the list admin folks.) Since mail is not being delivered to your address, we cannot notify you of the problem.

    If you find that you've been dropped from the list, this is the reason. Please re-subscribe when your system is again receiving your mail.

  10. Words to Avoid
  11. If you use the words:
    • help
    • subscribe
    • unsubscribe
    in the subject line or text of your message to the list, majordomo will think you are requesting assistance and forward your note to the list administrator rather than the list.

    If you wish to use these words in your message, please use

    • h-e-l-p
    • s-u-b-s-c-r-i-b-e
    • u-n-s-u-b-s-c-r-i-b-e
    and your message will go to the list as you intended.

  12. Please observe the following:
    • If you wish to add things to a subject, please put the new stuff at the END of the existing subject line.

    • Don't put "from" information in the subject.

    • If the subject shown has nothing to do with the conversation going on, change the subject line.

    • If you wish to conduct a conversation between two people, then just do that rather than using the list.

    • If you're just sending a personal reply, or a one-liner "me too" type response to something, please send it directly to the person in question.

    • Please avoid "flaming" or online arguments. If you have a problem with someone please resolve the issue privately.

  13. Problems caused by "Content Encoding" Settings
  14. Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

    This results in a normal text message and an attachment. Please eliminate the setting to avoid sending everything to the list twice.

  15. Using Microsoft Exchange
  16. Microsoft Exchange supports rich-text email (bold, italic, multiple fonts, colors, etc.) and Internet email doesn't. For this reason, any email sent from Exchange to a non-Exchange mail reader will contain an attachment. If you use Exchange, you won't see this file, and the message will retain its formatting. However, it can be confusing for those who don't use Exchange (the majority of the Internet population) and therefore have no use for this file. Here's how to turn it off:

    First, double-click on the MAIL AND FAX icon in Control Panel. Click on the SERVICES tab, and select Internet Mail from the list. If Internet Mail is not listed, click ADD to add this service. Click PROPERTIES and then MESSAGE FORMAT. Turn off the option that reads "Use MIME when sending messages." Click OK and then OK again.

    Next, double-click on the name of the recipient in your Address Book. Turn off the option that reads "Always send to this recipient in Microsoft rich-text format." This option needs to be set for each recipient of a message. If even one has this turned on, all recipients will still get the attachment.

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